Ever notice when you go on vacation you slow down, breathe more deeply… and relax? A well-designed home makes you feel this way, too – every single day!


Great design is not about stuff or size, it’s about simplicity and quality. It’s about finding what matters most to you and highlighting it – that’s living luxuriously.

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“It’s rare to find someone who really delivers. I can’t say enough about the impact of the work Iana did. Not just on how things look, but how they function. That’s how she stands out. Making what you have work and adding exactly what you need to make it optimal. Iana is knowledgeable, energetic and makes it fun – the consulate pro.”

~Rochelle , Newburyport, MA

“Iana is so many things you want in a designer. Her talented, creative and thoughtful approach to design is evident upon first meeting with her. She asks a lot of questions about you until she determines what you want even if you can’t articulate it. She has made my once neglected and unfinished home into a bright, beautiful beach bungalow. I could not be more pleased and would not hesitate in recommending Iana and her service.”

~Janice, Lynn, MA

“Iana has been so inspiring to work with. She is so passionate about design. It’s been fun and exciting to see the transitions throughout our home. It’s wonderful to live in a more relaxing, well-thought out space. She has helped us realize what is most important to us and that those things have their own place.”

~Beth, Beverly, MA

“I never could have done it on my own and had such fantastic results.”

~Carmela, Marblehead, MA

“Iana has gone above and beyond my expectations of her as my designer! She is extremely talented and creative. She has saved me time and money. Prior to hiring her I was making costly mistakes and getting stuck with poor design choices. I will continue to use her over the years.”

~Jody, Beverly, MA


A house’s beauty isn’t simply about how it looks – it’s about how it makes you feel. Transform your home into a true refuge where you relax and recharge.