Pop goes the nursery

With the arrival of my nephew a few weeks ago, I’ve had nursery ideas running thru my head.  Check out these nursery interior design ideas we brought to life.


The baby can’t be the only wild thing in the room 😉
Blue Nova 825Nersery - Blue Heron 832  Nursery Hale Navy HC-154
 If papering is not your style – paint.
The perfect blue.  Well two, no scratch that three perfects.
(So many factors to consider and damn…too many choices)
Graphic Rug
A vibrant soft rug underfoot
Rocking HorseAYearofBooks
Timeless Classics
Babies symbolize life, happiness, potential, purity and love.
I just want to nuzzle him up.  Wishing he wasn’t 1,000 miles away.
What are your favorite nursery must-haves?
I’d love to hear from you.

Christiana Plum

With over 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial design, I will give you the personal attention you deserve. Having a BFA in Interior Design from Syracuse University, I handle anything from large scope projects in Boston and New York to local seaside cottages on the north shore of Massachusetts.