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What is the design of your entry saying about you? Do you love walking into your home or does it make you anxious?

I recently had a friend say she has been meaning to call me to design her daughters room. I asked what her delay was in contacting me. Sheepishly she stated that her house was a mess. I knowingly grinned, since this wasn’t the first time hearing this from potential clients. You know what I am talking about! I reminded her that under this interior designer exterior is a non-judgmental woman. I said, ‘We all have messes, if you let me see the messes we can work on creating a better space.’

I ask questions about your lifestyle and your habits so I can design a space that works for you and your family. I don’t just make the space look pretty, it needs to be functional! Function does not mean ugly. A good designer understands your needs and your budget and can help you integrate the two while focusing on the aesthetics.
How does this relate to your entry you ask? This is your home, you should feel good when you walk in the door.

The top three things every entry needs:

Interior design marblehead, coastal design
Mirrors help the space appear brighter and larger. They are a great way to unify a design detail or to make a statement. Mirrors allow for that last minute glance before walking out the door or back inside to greet your loved ones.


Interior design, lighting design marblehead

Your entry is your chance to shine. The space should be bright and welcoming. Again, this is your first impression. Whether you are coming home after a grueling day or a guest is coming to visit you. Think magic, sparkle, electricity…let that fixture shine.


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Personal Style
Whether it is a console table that speaks to your style, a meaningful piece of art or a vase of flowers. Your entry should evoke a feeling – whatever feeling you are wishing to pick up when you walk through your door. This is about you – emanating from your entry.

What does your entry say about you? If you are not getting that loving feeling or need to show me those ‘messy places’ – I’m here. I look forward to connecting.



Christiana Plum

With over 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial design, I will give you the personal attention you deserve. Having a BFA in Interior Design from Syracuse University, I handle anything from large scope projects in Boston and New York to local seaside cottages on the north shore of Massachusetts.