The color of the year was announced a few weeks ago, Benjamin Moore’s Shadow, 2117-30.  I find the color alluring, warm and inviting; yet regal – it stands on its own.  Light can bring it to life, it can set the mood.

Benjamin Moore Color of the year, Shadow 2117-30

Image: Benjamin Moore

Color trends are indicative of the market, but this color has been selected because it looks great on the wall. The color has to work well with new trends as well as past, it has to evolve while still having longevity.

Inspiration for this year’s color selection came from art and light memories or experiences. Shadow is the perfect example of how light effects color as this color casts depth, proportion and illumination into a space.

Origami, Kum Yamashita

Image: Origami by Kum Yamashita


Sunbeams, Vilhelm Hammershoi

Image: Sunbeams by Vilhelm Hammershoi

It’s about creating balance. Using the right proportion and ratio of color for YOUR space, while taking into account the architectural lines of your room and furnishings to keep you comfortable. A room can speak for itself, dictating how far you can go with color. Color can be sophisticated, dramatic and endless.

Shadow in the evening light.

Image: Benjamin Moore

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Christiana Plum

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